Lean Body Workout – Ripped Fit Enough to Strip

Fit Enough to Strip

So you want have a lean body and you want to get ripped as fast as possible.And you know in order to achieve that goal you need to focus on an exercise program that will give you such results. Finding a Lean body workout program to get ripped fast is definitely attainable.

All you need is the right exercise program to achieve it – that lean physique you’ve been desiring forever, will be yours in a jiffy.All you need is a suitable workout regimen through a lean body workout that no longer beats around the bush.

You must have a goal in mind so that this desire of yours will become a possibility.

  1. You have to think “intensity.” It does not rely on the duration of your exercise routine – the shorter the lengths of your workout, the more effective it is. This applies to both weight training and cardiovascular sessions.
  2. Metabolic weight training is the key. If you are into increasing your metabolic rate, burn your belly fats and turning those fats into muscles, then you need an exercise that involves multiple muscle groups. You also need heavy weights and do some moderate repetitions.
  3. You do these exercises on a non-cardio days. So it means when doing these intense exercises, there will be no treadmill for you. You are not even allowed to get near the stationary bike.

A Lean Body Workout is definitely for anyone. A five minute stretching to warm up the muscles is a good way to start. Weight training should follow with no rest and 9 repetitions must be done.

Dumb bell squats and lunges are suggested too. Rest for like 45 seconds and do the same again. A 90 second rest should follow in order to speed up the metabolism. Push ups, squat jumps, burpees, shadow boxing must be done in an explosive manner.
This kind of exercise is not for the faint of heart.

If you think you are having a little uncertainty, then you can always ask your doctor for advice. Exercise like this will give you that lean and fit body in a matter of weeks.

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Lean Body Workout

Lean Fit Body Workout – Get Ripped Fast

If you’re trying to get ripped fast, you’ll need to follow an appropriate lean fit body workout routine. Simply put, you need to design a workout plan that will produce the specific “lean body results” you desire, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Don’t waste your time with cookie-cutter routines that you see other gym-goers doing. Instead, hone in on your ideal body by taking some time to build the most suitable exercise regimen. Here are some tips that will take your workouts from average to top-notch, with the ultimate goal of carving out an impressive lean physique:

Lean Fit Body Workout Tip 1:

Intensity is far superior to duration when it comes to losing fat, building lean muscle and getting ripped fast. Shorten the length of your workouts – both weight training and cardio sessions – and up the effort level to see more immediate and specific changes.

Lean Fit Body Workout Tip 2:

Metabolic weight training sessions are the king of the cage if your number one goal is to boost metabolism, burn through stubborn stomach fat and transform into a hard body. Focus on exercises that involve multiple muscle groups and use heavy weights with low to moderate rep ranges. Stack these exercises back-to-back with no rest to form a highly metabolic circuit workout. This creates a significant “afterburn” effect that burns off additional body fat over the next 12-72 hours.

Lean Fit Body Workout 3:

Perform intense interval cardio sessions on non-weight training days or after your strength training routines. I also recommend getting away from traditional cardio workouts, such as jogging for 45-minutes on a treadmill, and substituting this with weight bearing activities. By working multiple muscle groups in your cardio sessions, this gives us even more mechanisms by which to burn fat and get ripped faster. Remember, muscle repair is a huge contributor to the afterburn effect and more lean muscle results in a higher resting metabolic rate.

Try this sample Lean Body Workout:

—> 5-minute dynamic stretching warm-up to “turn on” muscle fibers

—> Then perform the following weight training exercises back-to-back, without rest, for 9 repetitions:

—> Dumbbell front squats, dumbbell stiff-legged deadlifts, dumbbell bent over rows, dumbbell push-presses, 45-degree alternating lunges holding dumbbells

—> This is one circuit. Rest for 45 seconds and repeat for a total of 4 circuits (or less, depending on your current level of fitness).

—> After finishing all circuits, rest 90 seconds and complete the following metabolism-revving body weight exercises for 20 seconds each (perform one circuit, doing each body weight exercise back-to-back, as explosively as possible):

—> Explosive push-ups, squat jumps, burpees, shadow boxing, split squat jumps

This workout is extremely challenging and is not the typical, generic routine you’d normally see people doing at your local gym. Because it’s more tailored to a certain look (the lean fit body look), the results will be much more prompt and prominent.

Please consult a professional if you are unsure as to the proper form for any of these advanced lean body exercises.

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