Fitness News And Tips Of The Week (Feb 16-22)

Hi guys, I've come across some fitness news and tips that I thought you may find interesting. I find them quiet informative and so I'm sharing them with you. 1.  2014 Bikini International Competition If you are a fan of ladies bodybuilding, then … Read More...

Celebrity Fitness

Jillian Michaels Supports BodyMedia FIT Armband

The BodyMedia FIT Armband seems to be the new fitness gadget to try out, but please don't take my word for it, you need to do your own research about this product. Some of the features include a personalized workout and a diet plan etc. Jillian … Read More...

Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Workout

You have seen Jennifer Aniston's physique and how fabulous she looks? Well! check out Jennifer's yoga workout,you should definately try this method of working out,because it obviously works for her. Some of her yoga moves includes the Tree Pose, … Read More...

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